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The origin of "Chinese Wedding Engagement"

The origin of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" can be traced back to ancient China when marriage was a part of the family's interests, which centered around men. The significance of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" is not only to express the groom's sincerity to the bride but also to demonstrate the groom's family's ability to take care of the bride and their future family.

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The contents of "Chinese Wedding Engagement"

The contents of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" include gold and silver jewelry, fabrics, tea, candies, and alcohol, among others. Among them, gold and silver jewelry are one of the most important gifts, representing the groom's value and commitment to the bride. Additionally, fabrics and tea and other gifts represent respect and gratitude to the bride's family.

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The procedure of "Chinese Wedding Engagement"

The procedure of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" is complicated, requiring male members of the groom's family to carry the gifts to the bride's family. One elder leads the way, while the others are responsible for carrying the gifts. Before arriving at the bride's home, they must first pay their respects to the "door gods" at the entrance to show respect.

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The significance of "Chinese Wedding Engagement"

The significance of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" is that the groom's family expresses their sincerity and respect to the bride's family and promises to treat the bride and their family with the utmost sincerity and responsibility in their future marriage life. At the same time, this custom also represents the harmonious relationship between the bride and groom's families.

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Changes in modern "Chinese Wedding Engagement"

With the development of society, modern "Chinese Wedding Engagement" has undergone some changes. Some couples choose to replace traditional gifts with cash, or reduce the number of gifts to reduce the burden. However, regardless of the changes, the core values and significance of "Chinese Wedding Engagement" remain as a commitment to love and family and a sign of respect.

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"Chinese Wedding Engagement" is a traditional and significant custom that represents the family and marriage concepts in Chinese culture. In modern society, we should respect these traditions while also adding our own innovation and personality to show our respect and commitment to love and family.

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