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SWEET LOVE 6-styles Chinese Wedding Hamper Package

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In traditional Chinese weddings, seafood is a common gift that represents the sweet and happy life of the newlyweds, and the wish for a happy and prosperous marriage - a sweet and happy union. During the Betrothal Wedding ceremony, seafood gifts are given to express blessings and good wishes for the couple. Popular seafood gifts include conch slices, Hokkaido scallops, Dalian abalone, and dried goods such as matsutake mushrooms, along with traditional gifts like dragon and phoenix candles, red dates, lotus seeds, and a pair of wooden ducks. These gifts symbolize good health, happiness, good luck, and wealth, with the hope that the couple will have a smooth and happy marriage. The Betrothal Wedding ceremony is not only a cultural tradition but also represents the emotional connection between the newlyweds and their families, laying a solid foundation for their future together.

This Package Includes:
6-styles Dried Seafood Hampers x2
6-styles Fruit Hampers x2
Golden Coconut Hampers x2
Dragon and Phoenix Cake x2

European Red Wine 750ml x4
Kee Wah Chinese Bridal Cake 4pcs x 2
Chinese Wedding Red Packets x 1 set

Dried Seafood Hamper

Dried Seafood Hamper (Each) Includes:

West African Premium Snails 300g
Japanese Hokkaido Scallop (M Size) 200g
Premium Dalian Dried Abalone 58-head 225g 0.5lbs
Premium Nordic Dried Cod Maw, 300g
First Class Fat Choy 75g
Premium Agaricus 150g
Stylish Traditional Handle Basket x1

Fruit Hamper

Fruit Hamper (Each) Includes:

Japanese Apples x2
Vietnamese Dragon Fruits x2
Australian Mandarin Oranges x2
Honey Pomelos/Philippine Pineapples x2
Blueberries x2
Golden Kiwifruits x2
Stylish Fabric Handle Basket

Golden Coconut Hamper

Golden Coconut Hamper (Each) Includes:

Double Happiness Golden Coconuts x2
Pair of Betelnut
Pair of Chinese Wedding Couplets for groom and bride
Pack of Bajing Dried Fruits x1 (Contains Dried Longan, Dried Lychee, Peanut, Walnut, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Lotus Seed, Lily, Red Date and Sesame)
Pack of Tea Leaves in bulk x2
Exquisite Hair Brushing Ceremony Kit (Groom x1 set & bride Kit x1 set) (Contains A Pair of Dragon and Phoenix Candles, Lucky Cypress, Combs, Golden Scissors, round hand mirror, Wedding Ruler and Red Rope, Thread, Needles for the Bride)
Kee Wah Dragon and Phoenix Cake x1
European Red Wine 750ml x2
Festive Oval Basket with Handle x1

Chinese Wedding Red Packets

Chinese Wedding Red Packets Includes:

Chinese Wedding Gift Box x1
Gift Cash Red Packet x1
Gift Cash Return Red Packet x1
Gift Return Red Packet x1
All-Inclusive Red Packet x2
Red Packet for Son-in-Law x1
Red Packets for Siblings (Provided upon Request)

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SWEET LOVE 6-styles Chinese Wedding Hamper Package

HK$6,199.00 Regular price HK$6,599.00

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